What is VidaAfrolatina?

VidaAfrolatina is an emerging international women’s fund that mobilizes resources and connects them with Afro-descendant women-led organizations in Latin America that address sexual violence. Selected through a participatory process, these organizations provide culturally relevant healing experiences in their communities and launch initiatives to reduce and, ultimately, eliminate sexual violence. We amplify the vision, wisdom, power and leadership of Black and Afro-descendant women in Latin America. 


Without investment in Afro-descendant women’s solutions for their own communities, the structural, intersectional issues that perpetuate sexual violence will continue on largely unabated and ignored. VidaAfrolatina strives to fill a void in resources to strengthen and expand the work of Black women’s organizations.

Vision & Mission

VidaAfrolatina creates a world where Black women and girls are free to flourish because safety and wellness are their everyday reality. We do this by connecting diverse resources, including philanthropic funding and capacity support, with Black women’s groups in Latin America, with a specific focus on organizations that provide healing services for sexual violence survivors and that create and lead systemic change to end sexual violence.